Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

New lithium-sulfur batteries can store 4x more energy than lithium-ion batteries. 

(via Relieving electric vehicle range anxiety with improved batteries - EIN News)

DOE Plans To Cut US Emissions

The DOE plans to cut US emissions in half by 2020. See what they have in the Strategic Plan.

Cadillac and ChargePoint Bring EV Customer Luxury Driving Experience

All 2014 and 2015 Cadillac ELRs will include a custom ChargePoint Card in the owner’s manual, providing access to our 16,500+ EV charging network.

(via Cadillac and ChargePoint Bring EV Customer Luxury Driving Experience)

EV Sales Grow 100% Every Year

Electric vehicle sales have been growing 100% every year. Tree Hugger gives us the reasons why.

Air Conditioning

What is coming out of your vents? Even the greenest cars still have greenhouse-gas emissions. Consider switching to a GHG-friendly coolant.

Age of Renewables

Citigroup terms the “Age of Renewables” with wind and solar energy as cost competitive to fuel.

(via Citigroup Says the ‘Age of Renewables’ Has Begun : Greentech Media)

ChargePoint Goes The Distance! Congrats to our EV drivers, who’s total gas free 92M+ miles have taken us to the sun.

Go Giants!

We’re powering up the SFGiants this season! EV drivers can power up and catch the game. Read more:

(via ChargePoint is Powering the San Francisco Giants)

A Volcano Can Charge A LEAF

A volcano can charge up your @Nissan #LEAF. No, seriously. Watch this.

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Charging Station Etiquette

Don’t be THAT driver. Make sure you have charging station etiquette. Check out these tips.